Two female models and one male model in the middle. All three models have different melanin shades. The models represent diversity, which is what ANIN Actives stands for.

BIPOC centered skincare!

Only $60 - Customized prescription skincare by dermatology providers who understand your [mel]ANIN.

Male model with tatoo on his left sholder holding an ANIN Actives presctiption bottles. The ANIN Actives bottle has white dispenser and red label with a ANIN Actives logo in yellow.

You're not average, so your skincare shouldn't be!

Everyone has [mel]ANIN, but skincare is not cookie cutter.

Only $60

Includes one photo consultation + customized prescription and skincare plan.

Asian model in the center against a yellow background holding a ANIN Actives personalized prescription bottle in her right hand. The ANIN Actives personalized prescription bottle has a white dispenser and a red label with a yellow ANIN Actives logo.

3 simple steps to your best skin!

  • Step 1

    Download the app on your mobile phone and create an account.

    Hands holding a mobile phone showing the ANIN Actives tele-dermatology clinic. The ANIN Active virtual drmatology clinic is personalized skincare solution for common skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
  • Step 2

    Tell us about yourself and your skin. A dermatologist will assess your selfies, medical history and skin quirks to understand what your skin needs are.  

  • Step 3

    Receive your skin report & custom [mel]ANIN prescription shipped to your doorstep.

    Face of an Asion model on the left against a yellow background holding a red ANIN Actives presonalized prescription bottes. The ANIN Actives has a white dispenser and a red logo with a yellow ANIN Actives logo.

Why You'll Love ANIN

Your personalized [mel]ANIN formulation will address...

Acne is not only a teenage concern. Anyone can get acne at any time.

Dark Spots

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma are hard to treat and often over the counter topicals are not enough.


Say goodbye to small bumps. Let us help you find a synergistic skincare regimen to smoothen your skin.

Fine Lines

Don't let your fine lines turn into wrinkles. Let us help you find the right skincare regimen to prevent wrinkles.


Personalized [mel]ANIN solutions and sound skincare advice for all shades by dermatology providers of all shades

Anin Actives presctiption bottles on the right and awhite sample of the ANIN prescription cream spread on a round flat glass object.

Ready to start your journey to a better routine...

Two ANIN Actives personalized prescription bottles one standing upright the other to the left placed on the side. A white sample of the ANIN Actives prescription cream is spread in front on the ANIN Actives bottle.